Barb Lumley is a retired dairy farmer and columnist. She regularly writes the 'BarbWire' newsletter which is published in the Ohio Holstein News. Barb also writes additional pieces and has published a book.

Barb Lumley - about the author:

After spending a lifetime growing up and working on the family dairy farm, Barb desired to fulfill her life-long dream of being a writer. She began composing reflections of life on the farm and family stories remembered from her youth. She continues to write historical reflections and OpEd pieces for Ohio Holstein News, Farm and Dairy, Farmshine, The Daily Record, The Budget, The Time Reporter, The Akron Beacon Journal, The Columbus Dispatch, The Suburbanite, and many other newspapers. Her writings appear regularly on the World Wide Web at Dairy Agenda Today, The Bullvine, Rural Life Today and other websites, where her reflections on life can be enjoyed by folks worldwide. During the summers, she can be found announcing dairy shows throughout Ohio, as she stays involved with the Ohio Holstein community. As always, look for her "BarbWire" column in newspapers.

BarbWire Posts:


Ohio Holstein Association Activities Continue

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'Black & White and Read all over'

Black & White and Read all overAuthor Barb Lumley has penned the BarbWire column appearing in newspapers and daily publications for several years. Black & White and Read All Over is a collection of BarbWire columns that reflect on life, farming, and growing up on a rural Ohio farm. An easy read, this collection is lighthearted and funny and will prompt you to think about various things in everyday life.

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